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La Familia Howard: Life Update

Oh Man, It’s been a while hasn’t it, but I am back! Feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on anything! The last couple of months have been equal amounts of eventful and ordinary. We did a lot of bowling, turns out Emiliana loves to bowl.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Howard family. We finally have an updated family photo! Saw lots … Continue reading La Familia Howard: Life Update

Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

So many of my favorite fall activities revolve around pumpkins. Whether it be going to the pumpkin patch, picking our pumpkins, or carving pumpkins. Pumpkins are such a source of joy for me during this time of year. Our trip to the pumpkin patch was quite special since Emiliana is now a very active toddler and she wanted to experience everything. We went Mortimer’s Farm … Continue reading Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

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Another one for the books!

The month of October is filled with birthdays from both Dylan and my side of the family. It’s quite an eventful month but there is one birthday in particular that I love celebrating and that’s Dylan’s! I have gotten better over the years at planning and gift giving. Our first couple years of marriage I was lack luster in that department. I now spend a … Continue reading Another one for the books!

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Emiliana’s Journal: First Birthday!

Emiliana has now been one for an entire week! Let me just start by saying that motherhood is incredible, everyday just gets better and better. Seeing Emiliana grow up is bitter sweet. I wish she could stay tiny forever and still continue to be where she is at now. I soak in each moment with her and am so grateful for the opportunity I have … Continue reading Emiliana’s Journal: First Birthday!

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My Favorite Discoveries from April to June

A ROUND-UP OF MY FAVORITE THINGS THAT I DISCOVERED FROM APRIL TO JUNE It was an interesting couple of months but I was still able to find some new favorite things! Clothing: DENIZEN bermuda shorts, I got these from Target after realizing I didn’t have any clothes for the hotter weather. They are perfect; good length, stretchy, and cute! I got a darker wash and … Continue reading My Favorite Discoveries from April to June

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COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

Who would have thought that a couple months ago life would come to screeching halt the way that it did? I remember it was a Wednesday night when the COVID-19 had just started to show up on my radar. I had heard a very little about it before this point but since it was far from home I didn’t think much of it. I even … Continue reading COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing