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Emiliana’s Journal: 3 Months

Everyone always says, “life will never be the same once you have kids”, this is one of those things you just don’t fully comprehend until you have kids. Emiliana has changed our lives in so many incredible ways, that’s it’s hard to imagine that it’s only been 3 months! Dylan and I are constantly amazed at the pure joy, love, and beauty of our little … Continue reading Emiliana’s Journal: 3 Months

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Big news, again!

How many changes can one family go through in such a short amount of time?! Dylan and I have big news again! After much contemplation, we have made 2 major decisions for our little family. First, I will be transitioning from being a working woman to a stay at home mom. Something we are both very excited about for many reasons. Emiliana is our first … Continue reading Big news, again!

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Our Trip To HeadzUp – Interactive Art

Last week was so stressful for both Dylan and me. I had planned on just sitting and doing nothing all weekend. Thankfully I have a husband who knows me better than I know myself and he had planned the perfect Saturday outing for us that was exactly what I needed. He did lay on the couch with me all morning binge-watching “Baby Daddy”, our current … Continue reading Our Trip To HeadzUp – Interactive Art

It is Okay to Have Personal Time in Relationships and Marriage

One of the things that I look forward too (most of the time) is coming home to my husband! He will listen to my complaints, hug me, play with me and just make my day all around better. However, apart from men and women being different, as individuals, we have our own things we like to do and enjoy. And honestly, sometimes your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend … Continue reading It is Okay to Have Personal Time in Relationships and Marriage

Getting in that Thankful Mindset

Happy November! This month we get to celebrate my favorite holiday ever: THANKSGIVING! I’m the person who gets upset when we go from October 31st and all things Halloween to November 1st and suddenly it’s Christmas. WHY does no one care about Thanksgiving? It’s such a special holiday, not for the pilgrim and native American stuff, but because it helps to bring a joy to … Continue reading Getting in that Thankful Mindset