The Howard Casa: The Story

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Dylan and I have wanted to buy a house since we got married but nothing ever felt right. Everything finally lined up for us and we took the huge step of buying a house! Here’s the story of it how it all came together.

Many of you know that when Emiliana was born, we made the decision to move from Las Vegas to the great state of Texas. We stayed there for 10 months, looked into a couple of different areas, and struggled to find something that we loved. Back in July, we decided to drive from Texas to Arizona to visit Dylan’s family. We spent a month just hanging out and then August came around and we noticed that there were a lot of new construction homes going up. We toured a couple of model homes just to see what was here not really looking to buy anything.  

As we were looking, we found this really cute community that we decided to stop by and visit. They had a bunch of model homes, so we just went one by one and were making a list of things we like and things we would change, getting ideas for our future house like we have done many times before. As we were looking through the models, nothing really stood out. Eventually we made it to the last of their models, and the second we walked in it felt like home! Emiliana was running around, laughing, and making herself at home, a reaction she did not have in any of the other houses. I looked at Dylan and I could see that he was thinking and feeling the same way I was. We went back to the sales office and talked to one of the salesladies there. She told us that they had a couple of spec homes (homes that are already started but not sold yet) that we could pick from if we wanted to, or we could start from scratch. Off we went to where the specs were located and two of them were okay (2 were just foundation and 1 had frames up), I mean the house was the same, but the lots were just not what we wanted. The third one though was perfect, it has a nice big flat backyard, plenty of front yard, and since it’s on the corner, it has a spacious side yard as well! So we go back to the sales office and let the sales lady know that we love the third one, but that we weren’t ready to make a decision. She informed us that everything is selling quickly and if that was the one we wanted that the longest she could hold it for us without a deposit was 24 hours. So we agreed that in 24 hours we would either call to tell her we passed on the house or bring her the required deposit.

What were we going to do? 24 hours isn’t enough time to make a life-changing decision. We said a lot of prayers, talked about all the details and even cried a little (my family is in Texas, at the time it was hard to accept that if we got the house we would move away from my side of the family). We both went to bed that night with a full mind and heavy heart, still 100% unsure of what our decision was going to be. Morning came and went with no real decision made, at around noon I checked what time the bank closed and since it was a Saturday, we had about an hour before they closed. Suddenly the urgency to get to the bank was so intense for us that we put Emiliana in the car (mind you, it was her nap time), drove to the bank, got there with just enough time to get in and get what we needed. Then made our way over to the sales office and turned in the check. Still feeling like 24 hours was not enough to make a life-changing decision we were given a week before she would deposit the check we gave her. If we came in before the week was up and wanted to back out of the house we would get our money back and the house would be back up for grabs. If we still wanted the house when the week was up we would come in and sign a contract. 

The week that followed felt equal parts eternal and lighting fast. We discussed as much as we could, considering all the options, said a lot of prayers, and ultimately when the week was up we both strongly and confidently felt that “that was our house”. We went in and signed all the paperwork and walked out of there feeling great about our decision. It was a crazy week (that’s just the beginning!), and the whole thing feels like a dream now. We are so excited to finally have a house to call our home and start to build memories there! It is ours officially as of last Friday and we are working on getting settled in.

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