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August Memories

August is always an eventful month for our little family. Dylan and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, 5 years this year! Then a few days later it’s Emiliana’s birthday. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s TWO! Every anniversary is special, but there’s just something about those big milestone years, and Dylan and I just celebrated our 5th year of marriage. … Continue reading August Memories

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Only 2 Years left

How is there only 2 more years until I turn 30?! Last week I celebrated my 28th birthday and I was once again reviewing my 30 before 30 list that I challenged myself to when I turned 25.  This year my birthday was a little chaotic because it was spent preparing for a quick trip to Washington but it was still a special day. Dylan … Continue reading Only 2 Years left

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Once Upon a Fall…

The most enchanting season is upon us – a season of gatherings, chunky sweaters and cardigans, hot chocolate, and pumpkins. Every year as summer ends and fall approaches you can feel the excitement in the air as everyone prepares with their pumpkin flavored everthing and sweater wearing in the blistering heat. Well today is the first day of Fall and regardless of the weather wherever … Continue reading Once Upon a Fall…

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COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

Who would have thought that a couple months ago life would come to screeching halt the way that it did? I remember it was a Wednesday night when the COVID-19 had just started to show up on my radar. I had heard a very little about it before this point but since it was far from home I didn’t think much of it. I even … Continue reading COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

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Things to do in the DFW area – March

Happy Friday! Here is a round up of events that are happening through out the month of March in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: Free: Daily Museum of Geometic and MADI Art, Hip Squares: Dallas Artists of the 1960s exhibit available until April 26th. Crow Museum of Asian Art of the University of Texas at Dallas, Beili Liu: One and Another exhibit available until August 16th. … Continue reading Things to do in the DFW area – March

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Things to do in the DFW area – February

One of our family goals this year is to be more active not so much in the physical aspect but in getting out, doing things and adventuring where we live. We were doing really good when we first moved here going out and finding new places, but we settled in and  the sense of adventure in a new city kind of faded away. The same … Continue reading Things to do in the DFW area – February

Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Dylan and I went on a babymoon! A much needed break from real life, from work and to just connect and be together, just us one last time as we prepare for our baby girl to come. We went to Peoria, Arizona and spent a fabulous week exploring and relaxing and of course eating! This post will be essentially be pictures with some tiny details … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon