Once Upon a Fall…

The most enchanting season is upon us – a season of gatherings, chunky sweaters and cardigans, hot chocolate, and pumpkins.

Every year as summer ends and fall approaches you can feel the excitement in the air as everyone prepares with their pumpkin flavored everthing and sweater wearing in the blistering heat. Well today is the first day of Fall and regardless of the weather wherever you are LET THE PUMPKINS AND SWEATERS TAKE OVER!

There’s always so many fun filled activities during this time of year and one way my family makes sure we make the best of everything is our Fall Bucket List. A lot of thought and time goes into this list making sure we include the right activities – things that make us happy, things that are traditions for us, things that we might forget to do if we didn’t include them in the list. We usually put it up where we can see it and be reminded to make the time for them.

I love sharing my bucket list with you all, so with our further delay, here is the 2020 Fall Bucket List. Download and print a copy below and to help with getting into the Fall mood, HERE is a Fall playlist I made.

Now get out there and enjoy the joy and beauty of the Fall season.

Remember to be in the moment but capture some memories too! Here’s some photos from past Fall activities, I can’t wait to get this season started and make more memories! Tell me in the comments what is something you plan on doing this Fall.

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