August Memories

August is always an eventful month for our little family. Dylan and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, 5 years this year! Then a few days later it’s Emiliana’s birthday. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s TWO!

Every anniversary is special, but there’s just something about those big milestone years, and Dylan and I just celebrated our 5th year of marriage. This one was a big one for us and we had planned to do a cruise as we did on our honeymoon but with everything going on in the world we decided that this wasn’t the time for it BUT we did still get to do a little getaway just him and me. 

We decided to do a little trip down to the Scottsdale area for a few days. Emiliana’s abuela came out to stay with her while we got away and we drove down to Scottsdale. Our first solo trip in almost 2 years. We were nervous about leaving Emiliana because we have never been away from her for more than a few hours for a date night. It was hard to be away for bedtimes and morning cuddles, but we did it, and we all survived and enjoyed the time we had together. Dylan and I stayed at The Saguaro in the old town of Scottsdale. It was a cute colorful hotel right in the middle of everything that old town has to offer. 

Dylan and I spoiled ourselves in one of our favorite things, FOOD, haha! We ate at some super yummy brunch places, we tried out Snooze AM eatery and the Henhouse. Both were so good. I really want to go back to the Henhouse with a bigger group of people and order their famous massive pancakes. We ordered their small pancake and even that was a beast! I want to see what the regular size one looked like! We had sushi at the Crazy Tuna, which was good because it was all you can eat but the rolls were very hit or miss. Then the night of our anniversary we ate a very luxurious dinner at Dominic’s. Everything about it was amazing, from the service to the food to the ambiance it was so great. 

During our trip, we explored a lot. One of our stops was the aquarium, OdySea, and that was a lot of fun! They offer a discounted ticket if you go after 4:30, and you still have plenty of time to get through everything and enjoy it. That’s what we did and we took our time going through looking at all the creatures. They have a cool rotating aquarium “ride” near the end that is a must-do. I totally forgot about the cool bathroom with the shark tank instead of the mirror, so when we go back with Emiliana I have to remember to check it out. Another fun thing we did was get pedicures and then continued the relaxation at the movies where we watched Free Guy. Another laugh-out-loud movie for me. Oh, I almost forgot about the little dessert place we tried, AZ Chimney Cakes, that we went to after the movie because it was right next door to the theater. So good, I am not a huge fan of gelato but their gelato was incredible. 

It was such a good mini-vacation for us, getting that alone time that everyone always says is so important to prioritize, but is so often forgotten. Now that we made survived 2 nights away from Emiliana at an hour and a half away from her, haha, we feel like we are ready for future adventures where we take longer and further away trips. Babysteps, but steps nonetheless. 

We came home to full party mode since we decided to do a little birthday party for Emiliana on the day of her birthday. For those who know Emiliana, you know that she is OBSESSED with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So, of course, we had to have an “Oh TWOdles” party for her. I ordered these decorations off of Amazon, which was great because it included everything we needed to decorate our backyard for the party and the cake! I found a matching game at the dollar store and made a pin the bow on the Minnie out of poster board and construction paper. The party was a hit and Emiliana loved being the center of attention. She dressed up in a cute Minnie costume and had so much fun playing with her little friends.

The fact that we are now parents to a 2-year-old is hard to believe. Emiliana continues to be a source of joy, light, and love in our family. Dylan and I live for her morning cuddles. I am grateful every day that I get to spend my days with her just having fun and exploring, seeing her grow and develop not only her skills but her personality. She is one of the most social little people I know, making friends with everyone she meets, everywhere we go she is the welcoming committee. Emiliana sure does keep us on our toes, she is so high energy, always on the go and ready for the next thing. We love her so much! 

What was your favorite part of August, let me know in the comments below!

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