A Few of My Recent Favorites

Sharing my top 5 things from the month of August and September! 

I love looking at other people’s list of favorite things, so I’m excited to share the things that made my life easier, better, or just brought joy to me during these last two months. 

1. Schitt’s Creek, I have seen memes and clips of this show for years but had never seen it until last month and it is so funny. I love every character, the story, and the humor. We flew through the show and cracked up various times each episode. A MUST WATCH in my opinion.

2. Fairlife protein shakes, in August I started going to our community gym and everyone says you need protein after a workout. I have NEVER liked any protein mixes or most protein bars. I saw these at the grocery store randomly and decided to give them a try. I grabbed the chocolate and vanilla, and both were easy to drink, didn’t leave a weird aftertaste or a film coating in my mouth, or make me feel sick which is what happens with most protein shakes I’ve tried. For sure my favorite protein shakes ever. 

3. Nerd Clusters, my little sister left me a pack to try when she came to visit after I told her I don’t like Nerds. She just kept telling me to try them, that I would love them.  I gave them a try and seriously, so good! 

4. OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Dylan and I went there during our anniversary trip and it was such a fun experience. I talked more about it HERE

5. Free Guy, another thing we did during our anniversary trip If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. It made me laugh out loud, if I’m being honest I didn’t go into it with high expectations. I think Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy but the concept just sounded boring to me. I was wrong. I was hooked, this movie has everything you could want from a movie. 

Tell me in the comments below something you have been loving recently, I’d love to know!

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