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The Howard Casa: Final Walk-through & Moving in

I can hardly believe that we have been living in our home for 3 months now! But before we were able to move in we had to do our final walk through and get all of our belongings from Texas.  The day of our final walk through, I remember being so excited. We had been walking through the house during the whole process but something … Continue reading The Howard Casa: Final Walk-through & Moving in

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La Familia Howard: Life Update

Oh Man, It’s been a while hasn’t it, but I am back! Feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on anything! The last couple of months have been equal amounts of eventful and ordinary. We did a lot of bowling, turns out Emiliana loves to bowl.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Howard family. We finally have an updated family photo! Saw lots … Continue reading La Familia Howard: Life Update

Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

It’s crazy to think that my pregnancy is over! 9 months came and went! The third trimester truly was an experience. Emiliana got much stronger in her movements and much bigger, I finally “popped”! The biggest discomfort was swollen feet. And I finally had my first and only craving! Everything had been pretty good with the pregnancy, the worst of the third trimester being my … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

Pregnancy Journey: All The Baby Classes

During the month of July, Dylan and I attended a variety of free baby preparation classes that were held by a local hospital here in Las Vegas. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I feel like I learned something from each one but were they really necessary? My friend from work who recently had her baby told me about the classes and how she … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: All The Baby Classes

Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Dylan and I went on a babymoon! A much needed break from real life, from work and to just connect and be together, just us one last time as we prepare for our baby girl to come. We went to Peoria, Arizona and spent a fabulous week exploring and relaxing and of course eating! This post will be essentially be pictures with some tiny details … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Pregnancy Journey: Gender Reveal

In case you missed it, we found out the gender of Baby Howard! It was a very special occasion. It’s always fun to see your baby during an ultrasound but at this point they finally look more like a baby and less like an alien. But, this particular ultrasound the main goal and focus was learning the gender of Baby Howard. And boy, did Baby … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Gender Reveal

The Instant Pot, My Experience

Something that has been talked a lot about this year and has become really popular is the instant pot. I have read about it everywhere, I have seen ads for it everywhere, in my news feeds, websites and more! I’ve never had any interest in it, shoot I’ve never even cared to use a crockpot. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with foods and recipes and … Continue reading The Instant Pot, My Experience