Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

It’s crazy to think that my pregnancy is over! 9 months came and went! The third trimester truly was an experience. Emiliana got much stronger in her movements and much bigger, I finally “popped”! The biggest discomfort was swollen feet. And I finally had my first and only craving!

Everything had been pretty good with the pregnancy, the worst of the third trimester being my very swollen feet. As time progressed, the more swollen my feet got and nothing was really helping to make it go down. Also, going from lying down to sitting to standing started taking so much more effort than I thought it would! A full workout just to get up and go to the bathroom! Oh, I almost forgot about the incredibly painful and never ending leg cramps that I would get while sleeping. On several occasions I had to wake Dylan up because the pain got so bad and nothing I was doing was helping it. Dylan had to get involved to even try to ease the pain and end the cramp. 

I never got cravings throughout this pregnancy but I can say that I finally had at least one! Fresas con crema (strawberries and cream). When we went to Texas for Emiliana’s baby shower back in May, my parents took us to a fruteria that had some of the best fresas con crema ever! Then a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly had a craving for it, but I live in Las Vegas and these strawberries are in Texas! So I did the best with what I had at the time and ate some strawberries with sweetened condensed milk. Once my mom was here, she taught me how to make them the right way. Emiliana was on cloud nine, in full on dance mode for a good while after I had them. 

It was a lot of fun being pregnant, and experiencing all the little things. I am both extremely happy and semi sad that it’s come to an end. But more excited because now Emiliana gets to be in this world and we start a whole new adventure. What was your favorite part of pregnancy? Mine was getting to feel her move, she was never a fan of people touching my belly so it was a rare occasion that someone other than me had the chance to feel her move. So that to me was pretty special. Let me know yours in the comments below!

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