Pregnancy Journey: All The Baby Classes

During the month of July, Dylan and I attended a variety of free baby preparation classes that were held by a local hospital here in Las Vegas. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I feel like I learned something from each one but were they really necessary? My friend from work who recently had her baby told me about the classes and how she enjoyed them and thought I would like them too. I decided to give them a try and of course made Dylan come with me! 

The first class we went to was a breastfeeding class. This was probably the most insightful class since I have no experience with breastfeeding, and I really want breastfeeding to be the main source for our baby. We watched lots of videos on it, and the instructor was very insightful and passionate about how breastfeeding is best. I learned several different feeding positions and a couple tips to make it easier for myself. We were given lots of useful resources and able to ask any questions that we had. I would recommend taking a breastfeeding class or at least get some sort of direction with it to help make the process easier if the goal is to breastfeed. In my head before taking the class, I thought breastfeeding can’t be that hard or there isn’t much to it. But after the class, that thought process changed! I learned that its a lot more than just bringing the baby the breast, but that the way the baby latches on is so important and can actually take practice. I am really glad that we went to this class. 

We also went to a baby basics/postpartum class. During the class they covered everything that could, might and probably will happen to my body during the “Fourth Trimester” and gave some tips on how to deal with them or when to be concerned and seek medical attention. Again, a very helpful learning session for me since this is baby #1 and I’ve never been through this process before. The second half of the class while insightful,  I didn’t enjoy nearly as much and truly I was kind of bored. They went over things that can happen with baby and how to deal with it. For example, diaper changes and how often they should be needing them changed. Along with feedings and what signs to look for to see if they are hungry. The class also went over normal baby concerns and when to call the doctor. Overall a good class, I definitely learned a lot, but I enjoyed the postpartum part a lot more. 

The last class we went to was a sleeping and soothing class. We went over proper sleeping positions and the importance of laying baby on her back to sleep. Which leads to the importance of tummy time during her awake time to avoid getting a flat head from being on her back for so long. The class spent a good portion of the class discussing the importance of not shaking the baby if we were ever to get frustrated and she wont stop crying. That it is safer to leave her alone and take a couple minutes to cool down or call someone who can help so that you and baby can be safe. We were taught the proper way to swaddle baby, which is a lot harder than I thought! I enjoyed this class but my favorite part was learning to swaddle because even though I have attempted in the past to swaddle other babies, I have never successfully been able to keep a baby swaddled. Some how they always manage to get out!

I really wanted to take a birthing and labor class but the dates for the classes that I was able to find ended up not being possible with our busy life schedules. I did find that the BabyCenter has childbirth classes that you can watch online and watched a couple of videos to get an idea of what to prepare for. In the end, I found that each class had something to offer, were they completely necessary? No, but I did enjoy going to them and it was nice to learn a little something from each one. Plus, most of these classes offer free baby samples so if anything we walked out with a couple of diaper packets and wipes! Did you take any baby preparation classes in order to get ready for baby? Did you find them useful? Let me know in the comments below! 

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