Pregnancy Journey: Pregnancy Apps

When I found out I was pregnant I downloaded so many pregnancy apps. Of course, some were better than others, and some were just not helpful or didn’t meet my needs. I used the ones that I decided worked for me throughout the whole pregnancy and deleted the ones that I didn’t use about half way through the pregnancy to free up space on my phone. 

What Worked:

  • The Bump: Recommended to me by a friend, it had information about baby development as well as on my body and changes that it would go through to prepare for. I like the daily facts, its super entertaining to read and the fact that it has a countdown.


  • BabyCenter: I liked the overall use of the app. It is filled with so much information, at times overwhelming but in general really good. Dylan used this one the most. 


  • Pregnancy: This was a very useful app (my personal favorite) I used it to help track of weight projections for myself. It is also filled with good information that helped answer questions I had. (I whited out some of my personal information for the weight screenshots, got to keep some things personal.)


What Didn’t Work For Me:

  • Pregnancy Calendar: It’s not that this was a bad app, the graphics are nice but the functionality of it didn’t really make me want to use it. I ended up hardly ever opening it and deleted it shortly after downloading. 


  • Ovia Pregnancy: I liked the tacker for the hand and feet growth but outside of that I didn’t use this app for anything else. 


In the end, everyone is going to have different needs and look for different things in their apps. The ones I liked gave me exactly what I wanted, easy helpful information in a captivating way, without being too complicated. The ones I ended up not liking just didn’t meet my needs or really kept my interest and that’s okay! Now that Emiliana is almost here I am looking for helpful parenting or newborn apps that can help me keep track or make life a little easier once she is here. Any suggestions?

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