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La Familia Howard: Life Update

Oh Man, It’s been a while hasn’t it, but I am back! Feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on anything! The last couple of months have been equal amounts of eventful and ordinary. We did a lot of bowling, turns out Emiliana loves to bowl.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Howard family. We finally have an updated family photo! Saw lots … Continue reading La Familia Howard: Life Update

Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

So many of my favorite fall activities revolve around pumpkins. Whether it be going to the pumpkin patch, picking our pumpkins, or carving pumpkins. Pumpkins are such a source of joy for me during this time of year. Our trip to the pumpkin patch was quite special since Emiliana is now a very active toddler and she wanted to experience everything. We went Mortimer’s Farm … Continue reading Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

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Emiliana’s Journal: 10 Months

Another month has come and gone, now Emiliana is 10 months old! There are only 2 months until she turns 1! Can someone please tell me how to slow downtime? My baby is growing up too fast! Emiliana got a couple new teeth this month and has been enjoying using them to eat. She loves crackers and will come running (in her walker) when she … Continue reading Emiliana’s Journal: 10 Months

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COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

Who would have thought that a couple months ago life would come to screeching halt the way that it did? I remember it was a Wednesday night when the COVID-19 had just started to show up on my radar. I had heard a very little about it before this point but since it was far from home I didn’t think much of it. I even … Continue reading COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

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Emiliana’s Journal: 7 Months

On Saturday our little Emiliana turned 7 months! Every day that passes I am blown away by how much she has grown and how quickly time has passed. Emiliana continues to be a source of joy, happiness, and peace amidst all the chaos. She always has a smile on her face and her “hugs and kisses” put the most troubled heart at rest. Emiliana tried … Continue reading Emiliana’s Journal: 7 Months