Emiliana’s Journal: 10 Months

Another month has come and gone, now Emiliana is 10 months old! There are only 2 months until she turns 1! Can someone please tell me how to slow downtime? My baby is growing up too fast!

Emiliana got a couple new teeth this month and has been enjoying using them to eat. She loves crackers and will come running (in her walker) when she hears the crinkle of the bag. It is quite a sight to see. She also has been practicing her walking and one day even managed to take 3 solid steps but mommy and daddy got too excited we failed to record it and celebrated to loudly that we scared her into sitting. We haven’t managed to get her to do it again since.

Emiliana also transitioned from her bumbo to a high chair. She was becoming quite the escape artist, so it was time. Her first meal in her new chair was very questionable.

I tried a new hairstyle on her other than her headbands and she looked adorable!74717140_1140596569642248_1498837179827014112_n

Emiliana LOVES to read, she can stare at a book for hours and loves to sit and be read to, but she needs to help turn the page otherwise she won’t let you keep going.106349724_1646747948823835_1946978277309296061_n

Once again it was a pretty calm and relaxing month but there were a couple fun and very memorable days this month:

Evening at the Grapevine Lake83494119_3094439287303097_2604301522812849685_n

Day at the Farmers Market

Mommy’s Birthday

Trip to Chickasaw National Park in Oklahoma, Emiliana is such a lover of water! She did not want to get out of the water and was such a happy baby.106434066_627891154602884_7662583129065390556_n

Daddy’s First Father’s Day

Every day that passes Emiliana grows bigger and bigger, it is very exciting to watch. I love her little personality and sweet spirit. She gives the best hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Everyday Dylan and I will look at each other and just say how much we love her and how amazing she is. She never ceases to amaze us.

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