A Few of My Recent Favorites

Sharing my top 5 things from the November and Decemeber! 

I love looking at other people’s list of favorite things, so I’m excited to share the things that made my life easier, better, or just brought joy to me during November and December. 

1. Teriyaki pineapple meatballs, found them at Costco and they are the perfect “I don’t really feel like making dinner” go-to. I make some fried rice, usually using the leftover rice from the day before while the meatballs heat up. I like to drizzle some extra Teriyaki sauce on the meatballs for good measure and dinner is served in 15 minutes tops.

2. GoBe Snack Spinner, Emiliana got these for Christmas and it has been used every day since then. It is a total game-changer in the snack game. I can give her multiple options, giving her the freedom to pick what she wants to eat. I no longer need to keep track of multiple snack cups. It’s also super nice for on-the-go, less mess and I can have it packed in the diaper bag ready for when she wants to snack.

Emiliana enjoying her snacks at a wrestling tournament

3. Hydro Boost Cleansers, during the colder months my skin starts to get really dry and has a bumpy texture I have been using these since the fall and they are amazing. They leave my skin feeling clean without the dry feeling that a lot of cleaners leave behind. my skin is also super smooth thanks to the exfoliating cleanser. I’ve tried several products from the Hydro Boost line from Neutrogena and none have let me down.

4. It Takes Two, so I have said this before, I am not a huge video game player but this game was so much fun. It’s a two-player game about a couple that is getting ready to split up that gets turned into little dolls and they have to work together to turn back into humans. Dylan and I played this together it was a blast, we would get into a level and lose track of time, we would end up playing for hours. Some levels were super fun, others were actually really difficult. It was a good time playing together, it was fun figuring out how to beat each level. Simple enough to play if you are not an avid game player but still complex enough for someone who plays games all the time.

5. Yohana_Creations on Instagram, now that Emiliana’s hair is getting longer I love getting inspiration for toddler hairstyles that are cute and simple. She has so many adorable ideas and tutorials that recreating a look is super simple.

Tell me in the comments below something you have been loving recently, I’d love to know!

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