Dining Table Refresh

I shared a few months ago that I have found a new hobby. Well I finished another project and I am so excited about it!

I gave our dining table a refresh and gave it new life. Dylan and I were debating getting a new table for the house but I have a strong attachment to our table, I wasn’t quite ready to give it up. Plus it was still in great shape it just needed a little help fitting in with our house.

I found this table on Facebook Market when Dylan and I moved into our apartment in Las Vegas. It was only $50 and in such good condition! I was so excited when I found it, I remember we went to go pick it up at like 10pm at night because I was afraid someone else would buy it before we could get there the next day. It was the first piece of furniture we ever bought together. So in order to make it work for our home for a while longer, I pulled out the sander, got some paint and stain, and got to work!


  • Table (Marketplace is a great place to find one)
  • sander and sand paper
  • stain and brush for stain
  • stain sealer
  • black paint (I ended up used Behr Black in a high gloss after the failed attempt at spray painting)

I started by sanding everything down. I could have sanded the chairs better but I wanted to get it done in a day. But of course, I did not get it all done in a day. I then moved on to painting and thought that spray paint would be the best route to go, simpler and would get in all the curves so much easier. AGAIN, I was wrong. this is what kept me from finishing in a day. I ended up going through 6 spray paint cans and 2 extra trips to Home Depot and I was barely getting any black on the chairs they were splotchy, covered in streaks, and even worse super sticky.

After having a minor meltdown where I doubted everything and regretted even doing the project. I decided to move on to staining the tabletop. It was such a smooth process. Turned out to be the exact color I was envisioning and it gave me hope and the motivation I needed! I went back to Home Depot one last time and bought a quart-size can of regular black paint. Lots of emotions or one day!

The next day, I started by adding the first coat of sealer on the tabletop to help the new stain last hold up and protect the wood. I then moved on to my nemesis, the chairs. I gave a minor sanding to the worst areas on the chairs and got to work with a foam roller and that was when it all finally started coming together. I could see the finish line! Two coats of regular paint later and the chairs were just as beautiful as my table. While I waited for the black to dry for the second coat I gave the table a second coat of sealer.

I thought the hardest part was going to be the staining since I had never done that but the painting nearly killed me. But guess what, as much as I love my table, and even more now that it looks exactly like I want it to. I just found a new table on marketplace that just fits the space so much better. Our little table was perfect and I’m not quite ready to say goodbye, thankfully, I still have to figure out what I am doing to do with the new table! A few things I am sure of are paint, stain, and new fabric are in order so keep an eye out for another dining table refresh. I need to get it done before Thanksgiving, wish me luck!

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