A Few of My Recent Favorites

Sharing my top 5 things from the month of October! 

I love looking at other people’s list of favorite things, so I’m excited to share the things that made my life easier, better, or just brought joy to me during the month of October. 

1. Armadilla Wax Candles, I shared a whole post about fall scents and these candles just impress me so much. They fill a room with ease and last a long time. I shared my favorite scents during the fall time HERE.

2. Kodiak Cakes fruit syrup, found this during my last trip to Costco and it is good! I asked in my Instagram Story if anyone had tried it. I got a few good responses but more powwow asking for a final verdict. The day after getting it, I of course made pancakes and it was the perfect amount of fruity and sweet. I was telling my SIL, that it reminded me of when I was a kid and we would put jelly on our pancakes along with the syrup, but this eliminated the 2 step process.

3. Venom let there be carnage, we went and saw this one for Dylan’s birthday and it was good, not better than the first one but it has some pretty funny, action packed moments. It was fun to see Eddie and Venon’s relationship grow.

4. Lucifer, it took me a few episodes to really get into it by now I’m obsessed and need to know what’s next. We are close to finishing season 2, I’ll let you know if it’s still like it just as much when we reach the end!

5. Melissa and Doug lace and trace activity set, Emiliana got this as a gift and it has been our go to toy this past month. Such a great way to entertain and keep her busy.

Tell me in the comments below something you have been loving recently, I’d love to know!

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