Emiliana’s Journal: 9 Months

Last week, Emiliana turned 9 months old. She has officially been in this world just as long as it took her to come to it. These 9 months went by quicker than the 9 months of waiting for her. She has such a beautiful spirit, always has a smile on her face, and gives the best hugs and kisses. Every day is a new adventure and everything is celebrated with the sweetest, most enthusiastic little claps in the world.

Emiliana has such an adventurous spirit, she is not afraid of anything, well except for her newly developed fear of the roomba. She used to chase it around the house all the time but now she runs away from it when she is in her walker. Some of her favorite things to do right now is to talk, so much talking and screaming. Emiliana has so much to say and she will be heard! She loves to play outside, we will go outside and kick the ball around for Oreo or just lay in the hammock and relax on nice days.

Peek-a-boo continues to be a great source of entertainment but we have graduated from blanket hiding to hide behind walls and she comes looking. Bath time remains at the top of her list as well, splashing and squealing the whole time. 100591947_244573633502724_5621705547255382016_n

We struggled for a while getting into a routine when the shelter in place was issued but I am proud to announce that we have a good schedule in place and everyone (mom, dad and baby) have a much better day for it. Her hair is getting longer and longer and the “just woke up” hair is getting more and more entertaining by the day. Our morning cuddles are some of my favorites moments when she is still half asleep but still talking with me.

Memorable moments this month:

Trip to a state park

Mother’s Day

Every day that I wake up I marvel at the wonder that Emiliana is, how something so tiny got so big, and is only going to keep growing and becoming her own person. For now, I will do my best to be in the moment and enjoy all these little things with her. 99436748_241331267292210_4417931556849451008_n

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