Emiliana’s Journal: 8 Months

I don’t know if this month went by fast or slow but I am still unsure of how my baby is 8 months old! Where did the time go!! With everything going on the world, I am so grateful for this little ray of sunshine who makes every day special and brings so much joy into our lives.

Emiliana is such a good eater! She loves mealtime. She tried some new foods: peas, pears, carrots, apples, prunes. She was happy about all of those!


Emiliana still loves bath time and enjoys relaxing in the water. She can spend hours reading books and playing with all of her toys.

Emiliana’s current favorite things include going for walks outside in her stroller, playing in the backyard with Oreo, swinging in the hammock on beautiful days, and roaming the house in her walker.

Emiliana’s biggest milestones:

We officially have a crawler on our hands! Once Emiliana got the hang of it she became an unstoppable force. She moves so fast!


Emiliana for her first 2 little teeth! It was a rough couple of days while they made their entrance but not too bad as long as she was chewing on something she was happy.

Emiliana’s First Easter

Even though we are currently stuck at home every day is an adventure with Emiliana!


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