Emiliana’s Journal: 11 Months

Another month has come and gone and our little princess is 11 months old! I’m a little late in posting this update that in just a few weeks she is going to be 1! How can it be that it feels like just yesterday and yet here we are so close to that big milestone!

Emiliana is growing into such a beautiful, loving little girl. Our morning cuddles are the world’s best thing. She is all laughs, smiles, and squeals. Every day with her is the best day.

A couple of her current favorite things are dogs. She loves every dog she encounters and will want to pet (pull out their hairs) and chase them around. Trying new foods, we have started to transition her from pureed food to whole foods. Emiliana loves exploring and is always on the go. The only time she is truly still is when she is sleeping.

This month was filled with some great memories and adventures:

Dylan’s first Father’s Day

Trip to the Dallas Farmers Market, Emiliana’s first outing since Covid-19 started, I wrote more about it here.

We drove from Texas to Arizona at the beginning of July to come to visit family out here.

4th of July

Emiliana started full-on walking this month! It was a few steps at first but now she is a total pro. She is so funny when she falls, she doesn’t want to get up on her own so she just extends her hand out to have someone help her get up.

We went through a rough couple of weeks with teething but she now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth.

Emiliana’s First Hike

As always every day with Emiliana is exciting and filled with love.

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