4 Year Anniversary

Yesterday Dylan and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!

4  years of memories, adventures, good and bad moments, but through thick and thin here we are 4 years later. I thought it would be fun if we both shared our 4 of our favorite memories from these past 4 years.

I’ll go first:
  1. Dylan has always been the better gift giver, and one of the best gifts he has gotten me was a day trip to Utah to go to the Ice Castle and an Us The Duo concert. It was such an action packed day, I even got to walk on a frozen lake.
  2. Dylan and I don’t necessarily have the same taste in music, but there was this one time where a few of his favorite bands were coming to Vegas and I got him tickets to the concert. I wasn’t super familiar with any of the music but still went with him and honestly it was so much fun. He of course enjoyed it immensely and I discovered a love for a new band.
  3. Our babymoon, we knew it was the last time it would ever just be the two of us before our sweet princess arrived and we enjoyed every second of it.
  4. The day Emiliana was born, it was a stressful and joyful time for us. Seeing Dylan holding our little girl was the best feeling. I hadn’t even gotten to look at her yet but from the look on his face I knew she was the most perfect little girl.
Dylan’s turn:
  1. The time we went to the ice castles and Us The Duo concert. It was a long day but we got to do so much and have quality time and experiences together.
  2. Our spur of the moment trip to the Palisades before the Alex Boye concert. It was pouring, we didn’t have enough food or water and we just kept going. I will never forget that!
  3. Tournament of Kings. I wanted to surprise you but I couldn’t hold it in and I ended up telling you. Nonetheless, when we got there you were like a kid and had the biggest smile on your face the entire time!
  4. For me specifically, bringing Emiliana to you as soon as she was born was such an amazing moment. You carried her for 9 months and the moment you got to see her you were just overjoyed and would not stop looking at her and admiring how perfect she was and I loved it!

I am so thankful for the past 4 years with Dylan and all the adventures we have been on. I couldn’t picture my life without him. 4 years down, eternity to go!

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