Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Dylan and I went on a babymoon! A much needed break from real life, from work and to just connect and be together, just us one last time as we prepare for our baby girl to come. We went to Peoria, Arizona and spent a fabulous week exploring and relaxing and of course eating! This post will be essentially be pictures with some tiny details so enjoy! 

Sunday: Breakfast at the Haymaker. We visited downtown Phoenix and got some of the best ice cream at Churn.


Monday: We spent the day relaxing, did a painting class and went to the pool and then went and got dinner at Squid Ink.



Tuesday: Phoenix Botanical Garden  and dinner at Beckett’s Table.

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Wednesday: Phoenix art museum and dinner at the stand.

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Thursday: went to old town Scottsdale and ate at grimaldi’s and had the best dessert ever at the cutest place, sugar bowl.

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Friday: relaxed at the pool, and got dinner at The Social on 83rd.

Saturday: we checked out and drove back home to Las Vegas, we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and preparing to go back to work on Monday. 

Pictures of Places We Ate:

It was such a good trip for us, and exactly what we both needed! It was a lot of fun getting to explore an area that I have never been to and have time for us to really enjoy each other with no worries or concerns, I recommend every couple just take a little vacation like this every year (we didn’t even tell our families!)! 

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