Howard Family: Life Update

So it’s been a while since I posted anything, life has just gotten super busy and crazy as we prepare for the arrival of Emiliana. It’s only a month away! Next thing I know there’s going to be a newborn in our home. So many emotions and thoughts going through my mind.  A couple of life updates that have happened in the past month from my birthday, to fourth of July to a random California trip. A month flew by so quickly that I honestly lost track and have fallen behind on updating the blog! 

To start, it’s officially been a month since I turned 26! My birthday this year was absolutely amazing. Friday at work, we celebrated birthdays for the month of June. Then my wonderful In-Laws came to visit us and celebrate my birthday with us. It was wonderful, they spoiled me and we got to spend some much needed time with family. Friday evening we went to eat sushi and then to What’s Crepe which was really good. Saturday we went to Town Square and spent the afternoon shopping and getting lunch. Then for dinner we went to the Strip House in Planet Hollywood, which was amazing. So delicious and the mood of the restaurant was perfect. Sunday we went to church and then it was time to say goodbye. The rest of the afternoon Dylan and I just relaxed and got ready for the week. I also opened presents from my family that they sent me in a package. It was the perfect birthday, spent with people I love and just enjoying life, I couldn’t have asked for more!


Also since my birthday marks 1 year into my 30 before 30 (Link to first post), I thought I would give an update on how that is going. Honestly, I haven’t really gotten anything crossed off other than starting this blog. This year has been hard to get a lot done being pregnant and all that. Come August, I will have done one more but for now I am at 1 down 29 to go. There’s still so much to do on my list and I only have 4 years left! I need to get on it, I decided that if I set goals for when I want to do things it will help me keep my goal of finishing this list by the time I turn 30! As they happen I’ll share the experiences here on the blog, and then next year on my birthday hopefully I have done, experienced and accomplished so much more! I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed along thus far, you are amazing!

Next up is the 4th of July weekend! On the 4th, Dylan made a delicious brunch of french toast (with Texas toast!), caramelized bacon, and eggs.We relaxed the majority of the morning and then we went for an afternoon snack at Creamberry. I got the acai bowl which was just delicious, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to going there again. Dylan wants to go to try their cotton candy burrito dessert that they make so I’ll update you if we do! Afterwards we  headed to the park to do a BBQ! It was the perfect day, spending time with the person I love most in the world and doing what we love. I am so happy and proud to live in this country. The only other thing we did that weekend that is noteworthy is that on Friday we went to see Spiderman Far From Home. I really liked it, and was highly entertained. If you haven’t seen it I say go! It gives some closure to the last Avengers movie. 



Lastly, this past weekend we had a semi spontaneous trip to California. I say semi because while it was a planned trip we were not sure if we were 100% going on until basically the day before we left. We drove out Friday night and stayed with Dylan’s sister, which is honestly my favorite part of going to California. Saturday we hung out with the nieces and nephews, went to a family birthday party and then spent the evening in Downtown LA where the main purpose of going to california happened. Dylan had tickets to go to a concert for The Ghost Inside, a concert he had been anticipating for many months. This is a band that he has followed since high school who suffered an accident that lead to many severe injuries (ironically their drummer lost their leg) and this was their comeback concert. It’s not my style of music so rather than go there I wandered around LA and ended up watching Spiderman again while I waited for Dylan to get out of the concert which could be heard from miles!


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After the concert we went to a birthday dinner for one of Dylan’s high school friends at Bacari W. Adams. It was tapas style and very delicious, I would go there again and try a couple of their other things since they had a set menu for the party. We drove back early Sunday morning after spending a couple hours with Dylan’s grandma because we had a scheduled hospital tour for the impending arrival of our baby girl. Another fun adventure and milestone that brings us one step closer to the end of this pregnancy! 



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  1. That was exhausting just reading all you did! keep up your blog it’s so much fun love reading all the things you’ve been doing ❤️


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