Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Dylan and I went on a babymoon! A much needed break from real life, from work and to just connect and be together, just us one last time as we prepare for our baby girl to come. We went to Peoria, Arizona and spent a fabulous week exploring and relaxing and of course eating! This post will be essentially be pictures with some tiny details … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Our Babymoon

Going to Vegas for Valentine’s? Eat at These Places!

Valentines is just around the corner, and for some people, they are going to go above and beyond for it, which means a trip to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway! However, if you’re coming to Vegas for a romantic weekend, you won’t be the only one. Which means if you are wanting to go somewhere fancy to eat and spend that special night there, … Continue reading Going to Vegas for Valentine’s? Eat at These Places!

PSA: today is National Plan for Vacation Day

Did you know that today, January 29th is National Plan for Vacation day? A day dedicated to encouraging people to plan a vacation. Sounds silly but it’s crazy just how needed it is. After doing some research I happened upon the U.S. Travel Association and this article they put out to give more information as to why planning a vacation is so important! The thing … Continue reading PSA: today is National Plan for Vacation Day

Stop Fighting Over What Family to Spend the Holidays With

This last weekend we got to spend time with my wonderful in-laws in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It was beautiful, peaceful, and most of all relaxing! Although, originally that was not the plan. It is hard juggling two families, especially when they are all scattered between 4 different states. Dylan’s parents are in Arizona while his siblings are in California. Then we have my parents in … Continue reading Stop Fighting Over What Family to Spend the Holidays With

1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas

Flashback to September 1, 2017. Dylan and I had just graduated from BYU-I back in July, we had a month left in our apartment contract which we dedicated to looking for work. The thing was WHERE?!?! After much debate, and wanting to be out on our own, we decided on Las Vegas. Dylan had been getting interviews, but all of them wanted him to fly … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas

Weekend at Prescott, AZ

Short weekend trips can be stressful, but when the destination is a place as beautiful as Prescott, AZ, it makes it well worth it. The main reason for the trip was to go to the Prescott Frontier Days also known as the “World’s Oldest Rodeo®”. I love rodeos! The excitement and stress of seeing the cowboys ride the bucking horses and crazy bulls is amazing. … Continue reading Weekend at Prescott, AZ

Weekend Getaway

Every once in a while a quick weekend getaway road trip out of town is necessary. The struggle of it is taking everything you might need without overpacking (c’mon girls, we all know we do). Over the last few years, while attending college at BYU-I and visiting my family and in-laws, I’ve learned some tricks through personal experience and roommates on how to make even … Continue reading Weekend Getaway