Weekend at Prescott, AZ

Short weekend trips can be stressful, but when the destination is a place as beautiful as Prescott, AZ, it makes it well worth it. The main reason for the trip was to go to the Prescott Frontier Days also known as the “World’s Oldest Rodeo®”.

I love rodeos! The excitement and stress of seeing the cowboys ride the bucking horses and crazy bulls is amazing. Plus, I love having a reason to wear my cowboy boots! The whole event was a blast, watching the cowboys rope calves, and the cowgirls race their horses’ causes and release stress all at the same time. It almost makes me want to get over my fear of horses (almost). I even enjoyed the halftime show where a man had his trained mustangs doing tricks, he even had one sit in a car and drove around with him which was pretty cool.  





The other reason was to go to Old Town. It’s the downtown area for Prescott. It has a bunch of little shops, galleries, & food. A definite must do if you ever visit the Prescott area. Since it was the rodeo weekend they had an art festival and other 4th of July festivities. We wandered around there Saturday morning, went into a few shops, and had lunch at Tara Fine Thai Cuisine.




I have the biggest sweet tooth, so I have to start by telling you about this amazing bakery that is really easy to miss. It’s called Grama’s Bakery and it’s near the St. Michael hotel. The treats in this place are just, I don’t even have words, my mouth waters just thinking about their apple turnovers.



If you have more of a cold sweet tooth, there is an ice cream shop, Treat Center on Whiskey Row, that has a wide selection of flavors and it is frozen creamy goodness.



Every time we come down Armadilla Wax Works Candle Factory is a must stop for me. I have an obsession with candles, and this store, if I’m not careful I’ll spend all my money here. With unique scents catered for the current season, the option to make your own, and the fact that they burn for a long time (and I mean a long time), they are well worth the money. My favorite way to buy candles from here is to buy the little waxes. My wax melter is small so I cut them in half and they last twice as long!


Overall the trip was a success, we got to spend time with my in-laws, see some cowboys and get a little break from the Vegas heat. However, whether it is a week or just one day, the saying “there’s no place like home” stands true. 

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  1. I love reading your posts I feel I get to know you a little bit better every time I read one💙🇺🇸

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