Weekend Getaway

Every once in a while a quick weekend getaway road trip out of town is necessary. The struggle of it is taking everything you might need without overpacking (c’mon girls, we all know we do). Over the last few years, while attending college at BYU-I and visiting my family and in-laws, I’ve learned some tricks through personal experience and roommates on how to make even the smallest bag into a suitcase! Hopefully, some of these tips will help you get the most out of the space you have! 

Tip #1: Know what your doing & the weather you will be encountering so your not surprised. If it is cold, you will want to take different jackets, sweaters, and other things. You don’t need that many, just take your favorite. If it is hot, well, maybe bring a spray fan? Especially in Vegas…

Tip #2: Assess your space, since this is a road trip (or a quick flight there and back) there is plenty of space but I hate over packing so I try to limit myself to a duffle bag. 


Tip #3: This one goes hand in hand with #1, think about what you would be comfortable wearing doing the activities you have planned.


Tip #4: Try pack clothing that can be used for more than 1 purpose. For example, jeans, they can be dressed up or down. Remember, you don’t need to change for every little thing you are doing. Boy or girl, not only will you use your precious getaway time, but most of the time on quick getaway trips most of the activities don’t call for multiple outfits

Tip #5: Don’t go crazy on accessories and toiletries. Pack only the essentials when it comes to toiletries. As far as the accessories, take things appropriate to the outfits, weather, and outings that you have planned. Most likely you are going to use ziplock bags and the way that you put items in there (unorganized) will take up more space. Be conscientious of how you’re are packing. You have more space than you know. 


Hope these tips are helpful for your next quick road trip! If you have any tips of your own, let me know!

One thought on “Weekend Getaway

  1. Me being an over packer as you know trying to limit myself one necklace one pair airings one pair of pants and a couple tops to go haven’t gotten that quite down yet but I’m working on it! I should really heed your advice!


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