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La Familia Howard: Life Update

Oh Man, It’s been a while hasn’t it, but I am back! Feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on anything! The last couple of months have been equal amounts of eventful and ordinary. We did a lot of bowling, turns out Emiliana loves to bowl.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Howard family. We finally have an updated family photo! Saw lots … Continue reading La Familia Howard: Life Update

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COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

Who would have thought that a couple months ago life would come to screeching halt the way that it did? I remember it was a Wednesday night when the COVID-19 had just started to show up on my radar. I had heard a very little about it before this point but since it was far from home I didn’t think much of it. I even … Continue reading COVID-19 Update: First Public Family Outing

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Things to do in the DFW area – March

Happy Friday! Here is a round up of events that are happening through out the month of March in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: Free: Daily Museum of Geometic and MADI Art, Hip Squares: Dallas Artists of the 1960s exhibit available until April 26th. Crow Museum of Asian Art of the University of Texas at Dallas, Beili Liu: One and Another exhibit available until August 16th. … Continue reading Things to do in the DFW area – March

Stop Fighting Over What Family to Spend the Holidays With

This last weekend we got to spend time with my wonderful in-laws in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It was beautiful, peaceful, and most of all relaxing! Although, originally that was not the plan. It is hard juggling two families, especially when they are all scattered between 4 different states. Dylan’s parents are in Arizona while his siblings are in California. Then we have my parents in … Continue reading Stop Fighting Over What Family to Spend the Holidays With

Road Trip Playlist

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas which means lots of families are going to be traveling. Hours upon hours in a car can be difficult unless you have an awesome road trip playlist! When you’re married, knowing what to listen to on long trips in the car can be difficult, especially when your husband or wife has completely opposite taste in music. Luckily Dylan … Continue reading Road Trip Playlist

Weekend Getaway

Every once in a while a quick weekend getaway road trip out of town is necessary. The struggle of it is taking everything you might need without overpacking (c’mon girls, we all know we do). Over the last few years, while attending college at BYU-I and visiting my family and in-laws, I’ve learned some tricks through personal experience and roommates on how to make even … Continue reading Weekend Getaway