Things to do in Vegas

There is so much more to do in Las Vegas other than going to the Strip, but when people think of Vegas it’s almost always exclusively about the Strip. I know I was guilty of this until we moved here. After having the opportunity to explore Las Vegas this past year, we have been able to experience quite a few things. If you come here and you limit yourself to the Strip or even Freemont Street, you aren’t experiencing everything Las Vegas has to offer! There’s a lot to do both on and off the Strip, so here are a few of my favorite things:

Red Rock National Park: with lots of trails to choose from, ranging from easy to difficult, there is something for every level here. Plus the scenery is gorgeous! Every trail you go on will have different nature aspects from beautiful trees, red rocks, waterfalls etc. Make sure you drive slow as you go through the long driving trail!

Stratosphere Thrill Rides: if you have a daredevil side and aren’t afraid of heights, these rides are sure to get your heart pumping. There are 3 of them, an extending swing that hangs over the top and spins you, a rocket that shoots you off from the top, and a supreme scream type ride that launches you to the very tip of the Stratosphere! If you feel really daring, you can also bunjy jump off the top…we haven’t done it…yet.

Springs Preserve: this is a beautiful desert garden. It’s a nice way to spend a sunny day enjoying nature. Often times they have shows, parties, and other activities happening that is especially great for families! They also have a cool museum with Nevada’s history so you can learn how Vegas started and what happens in the surrounding areas.

Mob Museum: This was a super fun experience, seeing the history of the mob here in Las Vegas and the influence they had. It is definitely an experience that you should plan a minimum of two hours to complete. The cool thing is that you can learn about the mob, but then Freemont is walking distance away to speed things up! I went home that night after the museum and watched the Godfather for the first time with my husband and in-laws!

Mandalay Bay Aquarium: This was a fun experience! Pricewise it was reasonable (we are locals so we receive discounts), and we spent a good amount of time with plenty to see that it was worth it. My favorite thing there was probably the piranhas. I really wanted to stick my hand in the tank to see what would happen but they have an employee standing watch at all times to keep weirdos like me from doing those types of things. The shark area was really cool as well, we spent a long time in that section, it was so peaceful and make you feel like you are in a sunken pirate boat.

Bellagio Botanical Garden: it’s free, beautiful and a great spot to take pictures. If you are already on the Strip, this is something you should do.

There are still quite a few things we haven’t done that I really want to do:

Neon Boneyard
Fremont Zipline’
Go to a Cirque de Soleil show
Valley of Fire State Park

What things have you done here in Las Vegas? Any shows that are a must see? I’m working on a list of “Must Do’s for Las Vegas” and would love your suggestions!

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