Places to Eat off the Strip

After living in Las Vegas for a year, I have tried quite a lot of different food places. There have been the good, the bad, and the memorable. I went through all the places we have gone to and came up with a list of my favorite ones, and a few reasons why these restaurants are in my top go to places. I added a bonus list of sweets & treats that have proven to be great time and time again.

Rollin Smoke Barbecue: If your in the mood for BBQ this is the place for you. They have family platers, and individual plates. My favorite thing is the corn nuggets. They are little bites of heaven. The amount of food, quality, and price makes eating here all that much better!

Aloha Kitchen: The Saimin Soup is to die for, especially during the short winter season here. If you want to try a little of everything go for the Kalbi Combo, that’s my other top pick, you get teriyaki chicken, chicken katsu, and kalbi beef ribs! This is a great place to go any time of the year, the service is friendly, the amount of food is amazing and is one of my favorite places to go!

Biwon: If your starving, and want a lot of food, look no further. With the option for not only all you can eat Korean BBQ but also sushi the possibilities are endless.

The Egg & I: If you are looking for an enjoyable brunch, this place is amazing!!! The line can be a little long depending on the time you go but even at their peak time the wait is worth it. Service is amazing and the food keeps you full until dinner.

Redwood Steakhouse: This place is a little pricey but the steak is delicious. We tried a few of the appetizers that were to die for, as I said their steak is amazing, aged and spiced well, and their bread pudding and chocolate cake are to die for!

Sweets & Treats

Ice Scroll: This is part experience & part yumminess. The ice cream is great, and the process is fun to watch. A fun way to cool off during the summer.

Downtown Container Park: Located near the end of the Fremont Experience, has options galore. There are sweets ranging from gelato in waffle cones, to brownies covered in gooey-goodness, to caramel popcorn. Craving something more savory, they have nachos that are delicious. Plus the place itself is a fun experience with boutiques and live entertainment.

Chamango Mexican Snacks: This might just be the Mexican in me but one of my favorite treats, sometimes I even consider this my dessert is Mexican street corn. I can be picky about it, and most places don’t know how to do it right but I have yet to have a letdown here. Along with all their other options your sure to find something you enjoy here. From their fresh drinks, fruits, and other things it is the place to go if you want to try something new.

The Patio: Has both adorable desserts and a great aesthetic. Decorated to look like a pinterest inspired patio, with unique and artistic desserts. Everything here is instagram worthy, and yes the desserts taste as amazing as they look!

If you are ever in Las Vegas and you dare to venture off the Strip try any of these places out, and let me know your experience & what you tried! Or, if you have a place you love let me know, I love trying new places!

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