Places to Eat on the Strip

Last week I shared places to eat off of the strip, go HERE if you haven’t seen them already and want to know where to go off the Strip. Today, however, I am sharing about places that I have tried and enjoyed that are on the Strip. These tend to be pricier, but they are worth it.


The Cosmopolitan Pizzeria: Located on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan and unless you know it’s there it is really easy to miss. It’s also known as “Secret Pizza” on Google.   


Tournament of Kings: I absolutely loved this! The dinner was fit for a king and the show is really entertaining. It is fun for all ages and if you do it through Groupon, or even buy tickets the day of they will be cheaper. Especially for those of you wanting a show during your time in Vegas, this is one of my favorites! 


Cut: Dylan took me here for our anniversary dinner and it was delicious (and yes, it is really just called CUT)! Dylan gave me no information on the place, just that he had plans to take me here and it was wonderful. The ambiance is low lit candles, wonderful music, their seats are all padded and comfy, and their service was perfect, not too annoying, but always checking in. The steak was juicy and tender, brought out hot and sizzling. Dylan and I ordered this thinking we might need more but it filled both of us! Their homemade bread was amazing with multiple different types that you can just fill on. I really recommend the pork belly appetizer, it gets me excited just thinking about it! This is a high-end restaurant, so be prepared to spend if you go here! 

Hussong’s Cantina: This is located inside Mandalay Bay. They have REALLY good Mexican food (their ceviche is my favorite) and really entertaining Mariachi that comes to your table and will sing to your group personally and talk to you. If you give them a song they will sing it Mariachi style and is so fun to watch and listen!






I have by no means tried every food place on the Strip, but it’s on my bucket list. These are just a few of the ones I’ve had an opportunity to try and have had a successful time finding something I loved. I am sure there will be a few of you wondering about desserts, and honestly, we’ve tried some from the Strip, but there are so many places in every hotel that you cannot pinpoint one. However, I will say we do like to go to the Venitian for desserts simply because they have so many there! They have a candy store that is so fun just to go there and see all the exotic candy as well as their baked items! Black Tap also has some fancy desserts/shakes if you want that perfect Instagram picture! Let me know your recommendations for places to try on the Strip when you come to Vegas! I know for me it feels like there are so many options that sometimes it is just overwhelming trying to pick something.

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