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Mental Health Awareness Month – Let’s be Conscientious of Others

Happy May! Did you know that May is also Mental Health Month? According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness 1 in 5 adults in the United States lives with a mental condition. That number is mind blowing to me! I love that May is an opportunity to spotlight an issue that is so prominent in each of our lives. Whether it be ourselves, family, or … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month – Let’s be Conscientious of Others

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The Instant Pot, My Experience

Something that has been talked a lot about this year and has become really popular is the instant pot. I have read about it everywhere, I have seen ads for it everywhere, in my news feeds, websites and more! I’ve never had any interest in it, shoot I’ve never even cared to use a crockpot. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with foods and recipes and … Continue reading The Instant Pot, My Experience

The Taste of Summer

Have you ever drank or eaten something that just makes you think “this is summer”? For me, strawberry limeade has been that summer treat this whole season. It’s sweet and sour, has great flavor and is pretty easy to make! Ingredients: 1 cup lime juice 1 cup sugar 1 cup water (more water later on) 2 cups frozen strawberries Directions: Make a simple syrup with … Continue reading The Taste of Summer