Mental Health Awareness Month – Let’s be Conscientious of Others

Happy May! Did you know that May is also Mental Health Month? According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness 1 in 5 adults in the United States lives with a mental condition. That number is mind blowing to me! I love that May is an opportunity to spotlight an issue that is so prominent in each of our lives. Whether it be ourselves, family, or friends who are dealing with mental health, everyone is affected in some way. It is great to know that there is a month dedicated to something that affects such a huge population. Bringing awareness to mental health only helps make it less of taboo and opens doors for conversations to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of things I can do to make sure my own mental health stays strong. A couple things that have helped and worked for me include staying active, making sure I eat healthy, and of course getting enough sleep. All basic but so important factors in not only physical health but mental health. It was also important for me to find an outlet for managing stress whether that be by lessing my schedule or finding a fun hobby to take my mind off things, for example, sewing or writing. A huge thing for me is social interaction and talking to someone, usually Dylan but it’s also good to have more than one person. Lastly, finding a purpose for my life, something I am happy to wake up and do or be. This one changes for me regularly, but a few of the things that give my life purpose is Dylan, my little Emiliana, and a job I love. 

One big thing I found that really helped in keeping me feeling centered and happy is listening to podcasts. I spent some time listening to several different ones with the goal of finding one that would help me achieve that. I ended up with 3 that I have really enjoyed, each is filled with exercises and examples of ways to feel happiness.

There are so many mindfully focused exercises that I felt really helped bring me back to a happy place in each of these. Check out these podcast and try at least one of the exercises and see the difference it can make for yourself.

Again, Happy May, and remember mental health is important year round, but it is nice to have month dedicated to bring awareness to it. Do research on it, what are habits of those who are suffering? What is the best way to help that specific individual (and remember, telling them to get over it probably isn’t the best idea)? What are there outlets and can you join them to grow closer and gain their trust and show you care? Overall remember, this is real, don’t just brush it off, it could be happening to the closest people in your life. 

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