Is There Even A Point?

I have spent the last two months figuring out what exactly I want to get out of 2021. I feel like 2020 threw everything through a loop, and while it was still a great year for me, I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to. 

At the start of 2020 I had set up my goals, had a plan of attack, actually did well at most of them, and then COVID happened, the most used phrase of 2020. The world came to a stop in March and, at least for me, life didn’t start moving again until June. During that time, I’d be lying if I said that I was productive in any way. I dedicated too many hours to my island on Animal Crossing, I watched a lot of television and cuddled my then tiny baby (no regrets with that last one). I fell off the motivation train and getting back on was very hard. I slowly started catching up to the train towards the end of the year and start making progress in several of my 2020 goals

I decided to keep the momentum going when the new year came around and keep most of my goals similar to the ones I set last year. Keeping the method of setting mini-goals with deadlines to help me reach the overall bigger goal and stay on track. My goals revolve around different areas of my life that I want to work in. These are my focus areas:

  • BLOG

I am doing one thing differently this year, I am picking my word of the year, that is meant to help focus and set the intention for my year. I spent a couple of days figuring out what word I wanted to use. I found this reel by Morgan Harper Nichols, which then led me to her website. It helped to have words narrowed down, I mean there are so many words out there. After thinking about all the words she had, I decided that the best word for me this year is Evolve (Verb) “to develop gradually” (Cambridge). I want this year to be about growth and change, becoming better, and developing but keeping in mind that everything takes time, giving myself grace, and not being afraid of failure. I saved Morgan’s word art and added the picture to my phones home screen so I can see it every day, remember it and put it to use. I am looking forward to this year! No matter what is happening around me, I have the intention to evolve this year in all aspects of my life. Did you set any goals for 2021 or pick a word for the year? Let me know in the comments below!

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