Fall Bucket List

My favorite season of all time is Fall and it’s FINALLY HERE! Everything about Fall is great, the changing colors of the leaves, the crunch of the fallen ones, the cool crisp air, and all the best holidays put together in a series of months. These are just a few things that I have to do this Fall:

  1. Pumpkin patch and carving
  2. Corn maze/straw maze
  3. Haunted something
  4. Go on a Hayride
  5. Find an apple orchard, buy some apples, and bake a pie
  6. Have a Harry Potter Marathon ( I do this every year,  Dylan got us started with the first one this last Saturday)
  7. Find the perfect Fall soup recipe
  8. Bake cookies (Dylan is excited for my Caramel Apple Doodles)
  9. Make a Fall wreath
  10. Find the perfect Fall scented candle(s)

Las Vegas doesn’t have a huge Fall, and I got to say I’ll miss seeing the full color changing and falling of leaves. Dylan and I have agreed that Rexburg (where we went to college) hands down has some of the best Fall Activites. The had fresh apples you could pick, a Straw Maze, a Haunted Maze, a Haunted Mill and that chilly breeze that went perfectly with a warm fire in the woods while looking up at the stars. At least Vegas will have cooler weather, especially after a summer as hot as we have had. And they have a lot of family-oriented activities here as well that we want to experience. It even snowed a couple days last year! Crazy! What are your must do’s for Fall to make it special and get you in all the holiday’s spirit?

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