Our Perfect Fall Day

This past weekend we had an action-packed Saturday! In the morning we went to an art festival in Downtown Summerlin. Last year when we first moved to Las Vegas and were exploring the area, we made our way to Summerlin and we saw a bunch of white tents in the distance and I said “GET US OVER THERE, IT’S AN ART FESTIVAL!” to Dylan. So when I saw the flyer for it this year, we just had to go. A bunch of artist from all over come together to display their art. There were so many cool art pieces and performances from local dance schools and musicians. It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon outside enjoying the change of the season and seeing the interesting artwork. We then just wandered around the shopping mall there for a little while before we headed out to Moapa Valley.

A few weeks ago I shared my “Fall Bucket List” and in Moapa Valley, we went to a corn maze, pumpkin patch, haunted little place out there which knocked out 3 of the items on my list in just one blow! Unfortunately, their pumpkin patch didn’t have many pumpkins because of a mishap with their watering system so we will be going to another place to pick out pumpkins sometime soon. We did get to go through the haunted corn maze which was quite thrilling. Nothing too terrifying, but enough so that it was very enjoyable. I guess my only complaint would be is that it was very guided. There were a couple dead ends, but they made sure you got on the right path by chasing you with a chainsaw…We also tried out a dessert, apple pie fries, which were delicious and something we are going to try and make! We even got to see pig races which were adorable, they had little kids chasing piglets, and of course, due to a lack of coordination, we saw the kids trip so many times while trying to catch them.

It was the perfect Saturday, the only thing that could have made it better would have been crisper weather. Which is quite funny because as soon as Monday came,  BOOM! The weather dropped dramatically. As I mentioned last week, the Howard household has been battling allergies which turned into sickness and we are still fighting it, but that won’t prevent us from enjoying our favorite season! 

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