Movies To Get in the Halloween Spirit

One of the best parts of October is all the Halloween movies! It helps get the Fall season going, and maybe it is just me, but when people say there is a spirit about Fall, I believe them. The changing of the leaves to the beautiful burning colors, the summer heat leaves and that cool breeze across your face, drinking hot chocolate and making treats! If but for a couple months, you can enjoy the goodness the world brings! But you need to do it right and watch all the best movies! My favorite movies to watch when October comes around to help get me in that Halloween spirit are:

  1. ALL of the Harry Potter movies but if I had to just pick one it would Chamber of Secrets.
  2. Hocus Pocus
  3. The Nightmare before Christmas: “This is Halloween, this is Halloween”
  4. Corpse Bride: because, well, Tim Burton. Need I say more?
  5. Coroline: I don’t care what anyone says, this movie/book is a thriller!
  6. The Addams Family
  7. Halloween Town
  8. A Quiet Place: suspense without the horror and terrifying parts of a scary movie.
  9. It Follows: This is Dylan’s recommendation. Apparently, it isn’t scary but suspenseful, much like A Quiet Place except it is very “creepy”.
  10. Scary Movie: Because who doesn’t like laughing while being scared?

I’m a big kid at heart and children movies tend to be some of my favorite. I like the happy part of Halloween not so much the horror aspect.

One thought on “Movies To Get in the Halloween Spirit

  1. Never heard of it follows, thanks for the recommendation going to watch it but I think you forgot one huge one Beetlejuice !!! That’s one for the books


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