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Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

So many of my favorite fall activities revolve around pumpkins. Whether it be going to the pumpkin patch, picking our pumpkins, or carving pumpkins. Pumpkins are such a source of joy for me during this time of year. Our trip to the pumpkin patch was quite special since Emiliana is now a very active toddler and she wanted to experience everything. We went Mortimer’s Farm … Continue reading Carving Memories One Pumpkin at a Time

Movies To Get in the Halloween Spirit

One of the best parts of October is all the Halloween movies! It helps get the Fall season going, and maybe it is just me, but when people say there is a spirit about Fall, I believe them. The changing of the leaves to the beautiful burning colors, the summer heat leaves and that cool breeze across your face, drinking hot chocolate and making treats! … Continue reading Movies To Get in the Halloween Spirit

Learn How To Show Interest

Something that I have seen a lot of relationships struggle with (both romantic and platonic) is showing interest in the others likes and dislikes. Something that helped Dylan and I’s relationship dramatically was doing exactly this. Now let me clear something up, showing interest and liking are two very different things. I am not saying you need to like what your friend or spouse likes, … Continue reading Learn How To Show Interest

1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas

Flashback to September 1, 2017. Dylan and I had just graduated from BYU-I back in July, we had a month left in our apartment contract which we dedicated to looking for work. The thing was WHERE?!?! After much debate, and wanting to be out on our own, we decided on Las Vegas. Dylan had been getting interviews, but all of them wanted him to fly … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas