The Adventure Wall

We have lived in our new place for almost a month now and for the first few weeks it was a chaotic mess and felt more like the place we just went to sleep and not our home. These last 2 weeks we have been able to bring the everything together and as we reach the end of our first month there, it finally feels like home. Decorating is such a fun process!

My favorite part of our home and usually the first thing I do is hang up “our adventure wall”.


It’s our memorabilia from our various adventures that Dylan and I have gone on. Each one has a special memory and we love getting to display them in an obvious way where we can look at them every day! Three of them are from when we went on a cruise for our honeymoon. The tile with the palm tree is from Cozumel Mexico, not originally the one we were going to get, but Dylan had an extravagant idea and it would have taken too long to paint and our ship was leaving pretty soon so we ended up buying our favorite of the ones already painted. The circle with the puma on it is from Belize and the parrot is from Roatan, Honduras. The H in the middle was a decoration at our wedding. The sign “The Howard’s” and the caricature of us is from Santa Monica Pier from our first Christmas together.

It’s not a lot right now but we are thinking in a couple years we might need a bigger wall. Apart from all of this, we have a bunch of other little things we have gathered from all our adventures, we have a bookshelf full of them, but our adventure wall is still my favorite! It is something special to both of us that will constantly remind us to be adventurous and have fun! 

Once they are up on the wall everything feels more homey and welcoming. We still have a few more things to do completely finish up the apartment but we will get there. What is your favorite part of your home? Do you have any special areas in your home that serves as a reminder to you? 

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