The Howard Casa: Final Walk-through & Moving in

I can hardly believe that we have been living in our home for 3 months now! But before we were able to move in we had to do our final walk through and get all of our belongings from Texas. 

The day of our final walk through, I remember being so excited. We had been walking through the house during the whole process but something about it being officially finished with no more work to be done felt surreal. We got to the house and were given an extensive tour of the house and all of the features that it has. We learned some fun things, like the light switches are Bluetooth and can easily be moved around without much work other than patching the nail holes. It was fun doing the walk through and getting all the little details about everything. 

We officially closed on the house the next day, that was a whole process. It took a couple of hours, so many papers to sign. We had to wait a couple of hours for the paperwork to go through but once that was done we got to go pick up our keys. The builder had some cute new homeowner gifts for us which was a nice touch. We couldn’t move in quite yet because we had nothing to put in the house since all of our things were back in Texas. 

On our way to Texas, Emiliana’s first time flying! She did really well and we had so much in Texas.

We flew back to Texas a few days later to pack everything. A fun week out in Texas just exploring and spending time with family. This is when things got interesting. We spent days before leaving for Texas arranging for the move with a moving company. BIG MISTAKE. They came and picked all of our belongings on our first day in Texas and had an expected delivery day for the day after we got back to Arizona. We had our fun in Texas, came back with every intention to move into the house, but guess what! The moving company “lost our stuff”. 

They supposedly sent it out from Texas and it was on its way, and that was the story for the next 2 weeks. I called every day for an update and it was constantly in some different state and never anywhere near getting to us. Eventually someone told me that the truck with our stuff was sitting in their lot the whole time we are talking about 3 weeks now of our things just sitting back in Texas while we were in Arizona. The truck finally left from their lot and made it to us almost a month after they picked everything up. 

Our first night in the house! Playing blocks in the living room.

Luckily for us we had enough here in Arizona to move into our home and make the best of it. But when we finally got all of our things, it was such a happy day! We quickly unpacked and organized everything so it could start feeling like a home. One of the first things we did was hang up our adventure wall which has been my favorite thing in all of our homes. Hopefully soon we can start adding more to it!

It has been such a fun time being in our first home, making memories and having adventures!

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