My Recent Favorites

Sharing some of my favorites that I have been obsessed with recently. 

I love looking at other people’s list of favorite things, so I’m excited to share the things that made my life easier, better, or just brought joy to me recently.

<a rel=”noreferrer noopener” href=”http://&lt;!– wp:list –> <ul><li>Bathroom Storage: Finally organized our bathroom counter and I love it! I feel so grown up haha! I still need to figure out some sort of wall storage for Dylan on his side but it’s almost there!</li></ul> Small Glass Container | Hand Towels | Medium Glass Container | Toothbrush Holder | Trash Bin | Soap Dispenser | Bath Runner | Eucalyptus Arrangement
  • Man With A Plan on Netflix: A funny and light sitcom about a family where the mom goes back to work and the dad takes on more responsibility so that she could continue her career. The dad being Matt LeBlanc, Joey from FRIENDS, is hilarious as expected. I found it to be such a relatable show, easy to watch, and entertaining. 
  • Yoga Girl Daily by Rachel Brathen: I’ve mentioned this before but when it comes to podcasts it’s very hard for me to get into and pay attention to a long podcast. I start to space out and it just becomes background noise. I can focus on it for 10 minutes max before my mind starts to wander. Yoga Girl Daily is a short podcast that I discovered in January and have been going back to multiple times a week. Rachel’s episodes are great for when I need a moment to connect with myself. She focuses on mediation, self-care, and setting intentions for the day.
  • Truebill: This is the app that Dylan and I have been using to budget. It has made keeping track of and categorizing our expenses super easy. We are able to make budget amounts and goals, and probably our favorite thing about it is the smart saving feature. We are able to make saving goals and then have money be automatically added to it from our bank account. For example we have one for vacations, another for Emiliana, and quite a few more. You set the goal of either a set amount and how soon you want to reach the goal and it tells you how much you need to save to reach it by your goal date. Or you can set a continuous goal and just decide how much you want to add to it. This has been super helpful to us because it forces us to save, and we are less likely to pull it from the smart savings account than our regular bank savings account. Whenever we do need the money you just withdraw and it goes right back into your bank account. 
  • Never Ask Me by Jason Abbott: I got through this book quickly, found it at one of those cute little free libraries! It has me hooked from the start. It’s about a family whose next door neighbor was found murdered in the neighborhood park. Told in the perspective of the 4 members of the family, it was fun trying to figure out who did it. At one one point I was convinced I was right about who the murderer was, I was wrong. It was such a surprising twist!

Tell me in the comments below something you have been loving recently, I’d love to know!

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