Dresser Makeover

I have recently discovered a new hobby, and that is furniture makeovers. My first project was a dresser we got from my in-laws.

I’m not going to lie, doing this project took me a month because I was scared that I would ruin the dresser. I finally got over it and decided to go for it, if I hated how it ended up I could just start again. 

Started by sanding down everything. That took the longest time, thankfully Dylan helped with that part because we ended up having to do part of the sanding by hand and having his help make it go by so much faster. 

I wanted a neutral feminine look because the dresser is for Emiliana’s room and even now, I’m not 100% sure what direction her room is going. I ended up painting it brown and white and found the cutest knobs and handles for it at Hobby Lobby. I spray painted them gold to make them all the same type of gold.

Here’s the breakdown of the materials I used and their cost

  • Dresser – Free, but you can use an old one at home or find some decent reasonably priced on Facebook Market or garage sales
  • Orbital Sander
  • Sand Paper (2 different grits) $2.99 Each
  • Paint Sample (Benjamin Moore Cloud White) $6.99
  • Paint Sample (Benjamin Moore Hidden Valley) $6.99
  • Roller Set $5.79
  • Extra rolls $4.59
  • Knobs from hobby lobby (8 flowers, 2 bars) they were 50% off when I got them $22.00
  • Gold Spray paint used left over I had around the house

It was such a fun project, and made a dresser in great shape go from boring and a little worn down perfect for a little girls room.

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