Big news, again!

How many changes can one family go through in such a short amount of time?! Dylan and I have big news again! After much contemplation, we have made 2 major decisions for our little family.
First, I will be transitioning from being a working woman to a stay at home mom. Something we are both very excited about for many reasons. Emiliana is our first baby and I don’t want to miss anything! I worked in a daycare for a very long time and while for many families this is the right choice for them, we decided that daycare just isnt right for us or our baby. Also, My whole life all I had ever wanted to do was work, and have a career. Since we moved to Las Vegas I have had the opportunity to have exactly that, I may not have gotten to the top like my 10 year old self always dreamed but I did get to experience having something that I love doing, that brings me joy, and I learned so much. Now I get to move into a new phase of life, one I am so excited to be able to experience. (My phone is already mostly pictures of her.)
Second, our family is MOVING! For a while now, we have both felt that our time in Vegas was coming to an end but because of work opportunities and just being comfortable we decided to stay. But now that Emiliana is here and the decision for me to stay home with her is made, we decided the best thing for us is to move to… TEXAS! A difficult decision as we moved further away from Dylan’s family and in with mine. We have actually been here for a week, and are settling in nicely, only a few more boxes left to unpack. While we are extremely sad to be far from Dylan’s family, we are also very excited about this next step in life that we are entering. Emiliana sends daily pictures to her Lita and Papa, and we are figuring out the best ways to stay connected despite the distance. As well as planning future trips to get together again.

On our last weekend there we explored Las Vegas with Emiliana. We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino and then went on the High Roller at the Linq Casino. It was a fun filled day, with a lot of picture taking so that Emiliana can see them when she’s older.

From being new parents to starting in a new place, there’s nothing we can’t handle together as a family. We are also very excited to explore the DFW area, so if you know of any must see, must do, must eat places, leave it in the comments below!

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