Emiliana’s Journal: 2 Months

How is it possible that our little Emiliana is 2 months old, well a little closer to 3 now, I’m so late posting this. I wanted to give an update on how she is doing and how great of a baby she is. During this past month, Emiliana endured an “18 hour” road trip from Las Vegas, NV to Dallas TX, which turned into more of a 24 hour road trip. She was such a good baby and held up well. We took breaks every 3 hours to let her stretch, eat, play and get a diaper change. She did end up hating her car seat for a couple days after we made it to Dallas but has since gotten over it and actually loves going on walks whether it be to the park or to the mall.

Emiliana loves her sleep, her new friend Oreo, her after nap time conversations with mommy, and her bath time with daddy! Emiliana really is the happiest baby ever, with the sweetest laugh and she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. We have figured out a schedule that works for her and thankfully it allows us to sleep through the night, YAY!! Emiliana loves her bath time and would spend hours splashing in the water if we let her.

A couple of grand adventures Emiliana had this month:

Daddies Birthday

Dallas Farmers Market Pumpkin Festival

Texas State Fair