Emiliana’s Journal: 3 Months

Everyone always says, “life will never be the same once you have kids”, this is one of those things you just don’t fully comprehend until you have kids. Emiliana has changed our lives in so many incredible ways, that’s it’s hard to imagine that it’s only been 3 months! Dylan and I are constantly amazed at the pure joy, love, and beauty of our little girl. Her smile, giggles and constant chatter blows our mind every time. We spend hours just staring at her admiring the wonderful creation that she is, astonished by how perfect she is.

Emiliana had some painful moments this month. She endured her 2 months shots like a champ.

But even worse than her shots, mommy and daddy decided to get her ears pierced! We knew it would be painful, I almost called the whole thing off just thinking about putting her through the pain. Dylan was brave and held her through it all, I wouldn’t have been able to. I had a hard time just getting into Claire’s. Emiliana looks even more beautiful with her little earrings.

She is working hard to sit up on her own, and the hatred for tummy time is strong. She loves her nap time, and has started doing that adorable baby thing where they rub their eyes because they are sleepy. She has a favorite show, Baby Einstein’s on Disney+. She laughs along and watches with such intent, even Dylan pats along with the show!

She went on many adventures this month:

Emiliana’s first Halloween, we dressed up as Ash, Misty and Togapi

Fall photos at the Dallas Arboretum

Stockyards in Fort Worth

It has been so much fun seeing her get bigger, stronger and more beautiful. Her little personality is so strong and she’s not afraid to let you know how she feels about something.