The Howard Casa: Construction P.1

We bought our house when it was at the foundation stage. Seeing it go from a slab of concrete to a full house with walls and ceilings was incredible!

The whole process of getting the house together took months, we started the whole process in August. Back then it was just in the foundation process because of that, we were unable to make any major changes to the house. Luckily we loved the layout of the model home and didn’t need to make any super big adjustments. We were able to pick our finishes for inside the house so that was super exciting. 

Our first stop after doing all the paperwork was going to the design center to decide on flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and paint color. That was a whole process, we probably spent a solid 4 hours there trying to decide on everything. I personally felt so much pressure because it’s not like we can just change it when we feel like it, well except for the paint. All the choices felt more permanent for me and they need to be the right ones. Making these types of decisions was equal parts fun and stressful. I was scared of not making the right choice or walking into our fully built house and hating everything we picked.

Thankfully I didn’t, just as in love with now as I was the day we picked everything. We were able to get a few customizations in the kitchen cabinetry by putting in a drawer for the trash bins and adding a lazy susan (which as of now is empty, any recommendations on what to store in there?). I personally am not the biggest fan of carpets in the rooms but Dylan loves it so we kept the carpets in the room but picked some of the fluffiest most comfortable carpets that I actually really like. 

Weeks went by as the foundation concrete cured and was ready for framing. The day the walls went up was very exciting day. As we drove up to our lot, and realized that the walls were from our house that sense of joy for progress being made was incredible. Shortly after the roof went up, they put the boards up, drywall, the windows went in, electrical and plumbing. and they did the outside stucco. 

Within a little over a month we went from a slab to a house, not a finished house but so much closer! Every time we went to the house and there was just a little more progress it was exciting and we could feel it becoming more and more our home. We would stand in the house and make all these plans and dream up what we would do in every room. While the wait was long it as so worth it!

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