The Howard Casa: Construction P. 2

Once we had the shell of our house the next part was exciting because of all the little details that make it feel like a real house started to go in. 

During the next three months our house got all finishes that make it a livable space and it was exciting to watch. One of the first things to go in was the doors and shelves for the closets and pantry. We then had painted walls, which was a lot of fun to see how it changed the whole look of the house. Shortly after the cabinets arrived and were installed. The siding for the front of the house arrived but that took a long time to get put on but once it was up it looked so good! Our tile started to go in and we also got our countertops in the bathrooms, and the granite for the kitchen. 

Then the snow came, yes it snows where we live, not often and not always but we do get snow here. And just our luck it snowed several times throughout the construction that it slowed down the process but not enough to delay us from our final date, YAY! Once the snow melted the siding and brick went up on the front of our house and it made such a difference in the look! We loved it, we came into the process of buying our home a little later in the game and weren’t able to pick the color of the exterior of the house. Fortunately for us, we liked the color that was selected for us and it ended up looking perfect. 

Some of the last things to go in were the mirrors, the sink faucets, and lighting. Oh and the toilets! Once those were in it truly felt like a finished home. During the last week before our closing date, our driveway and sidewalk to the door went in ,as well as, our landscape and gutter system. The very last thing to go in was carpet in the bedrooms probably because they didn’t want to risk it getting ruined. 

Looking at pictures now it feels like it happened so quickly but during that time it went by so slow. It’s incredible to see the progress and how it all came together. If you missed it, last time I shared about the first half of the house construction, check it out here!

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