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Things to do in the DFW area – March

Happy Friday! Here is a round up of events that are happening through out the month of March in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: Free: Daily Museum of Geometic and MADI Art, Hip Squares: Dallas Artists of the 1960s exhibit available until April 26th. Crow Museum of Asian Art of the University of Texas at Dallas, Beili Liu: One and Another exhibit available until August 16th. … Continue reading Things to do in the DFW area – March

Learn How To Show Interest

Something that I have seen a lot of relationships struggle with (both romantic and platonic) is showing interest in the others likes and dislikes. Something that helped Dylan and I’s relationship dramatically was doing exactly this. Now let me clear something up, showing interest and liking are two very different things. I am not saying you need to like what your friend or spouse likes, … Continue reading Learn How To Show Interest

Don’t Get Too Comfortable Being Married

Anyone who knows me knows that I was never really interested in getting married. I mean, I had plans to get married, but much further down the line than right now. My original plan was to go to college, get my degree, and work for the WHO (World Health Organization). Dating was fun, I mean, I’ll never turn down a free dinner, but that’s all … Continue reading Don’t Get Too Comfortable Being Married

Laying Roots and Tips on Moving

        After living in our apartment for the last year we are deciding to move. We found somewhere that is $300 cheaper than where we currently live and is in a relatively decent area (primarily because our favorite Korean Barbeque place and in-n-out is right next to it). We are still right next to the strip, freeway, and stores so it is … Continue reading Laying Roots and Tips on Moving

The Taste of Summer

Have you ever drank or eaten something that just makes you think “this is summer”? For me, strawberry limeade has been that summer treat this whole season. It’s sweet and sour, has great flavor and is pretty easy to make! Ingredients: 1 cup lime juice 1 cup sugar 1 cup water (more water later on) 2 cups frozen strawberries Directions: Make a simple syrup with … Continue reading The Taste of Summer