Don’t Get Too Comfortable Being Married

Anyone who knows me knows that I was never really interested in getting married. I mean, I had plans to get married, but much further down the line than right now. My original plan was to go to college, get my degree, and work for the WHO (World Health Organization). Dating was fun, I mean, I’ll never turn down a free dinner, but that’s all it was, fun. I had my goals, and I was going to accomplish them, and no one was going to stop me, or so I thought.

Then came Dylan. As many of you know, we just celebrated our second anniversary and it was amazing! But this post isn’t about that. You see, our anniversary, though it was special and another milestone is our relationship, it felt normal. What do I mean by “normal”? You see, I know many couples that are barely in their second year of marriage like us and have lost all romance. Women don’t take care of themselves, or better said, they aren’t worried about looking good or care about impressing their spouse with their makeup, dress, hair and all of those things. Boys are spending time playing video games the second they get home or going out with their friends, don’t want to work out and have become accustomed to that lifestyle.

When you start seriously dating someone, women pick out their best outfit, spend time doing their makeup and hair, put on that special perfume and wait to be picked up (or perhaps are still getting ready when the boy arrives). Men will find that special button up they have, good jeans, take time to do their hair, choose what shoes to wear, and are off to pick up the girl. Hopefully he opens the car door for you and tells you how good you look and ladies I hope your signs are obvious enough that you like him. You have butterflies the entire time (especially before your date), you want to spend your entire time with that person, getting to know them, their likes, dislikes, wants and desires, cuddling and kissing become common, best said, the puppy love stage.

And this is where I am so grateful and happy I married Dylan. Not only is he patient with me, holds his temper well and supports my dreams, he never stops making sure that spark we created when we first started dating goes out. He’ll randomly take me out on a date to a random place, he listens to my wants and when I say I want a Cinnabon he randomly disappears and is back with one. He ALWAYS calls me his princess and makes sure I always feel like one. Even though we’ve been married for two years, he is always trying to spice things and keep things exciting.

Women, this isn’t just the mens job. We need to make sure we are doing our part as well (honestly though, there are three things that make men happy and if you do any one of those it will work, I’ll let you figure them out though). As strong and caring as Dylan is though, he is very much a sentimental person, so the little things I do make him extremely happy, it could be making him his favorite dessert, watching a movie that he wants and actually showing interest in it, or anything along those lines makes him happy. Obviously men are much easier than women in most cases, but nonetheless, make sure you are doing your part to keep that spark shining bright in your marriage.

Don’t let comfortability in your marriage let that spark you once had die. I’ve seen in my own life marriages be destroyed due to a lack of nurturing in the marriage, or one of the two stop caring about making the other happy and start focusing on themselves. Marriage is not easy, believe me, as much as I love Dylan, he can be extremely difficult to handle (honestly, how difficult is it to stop leaving your shoes in random places?). Keep that spark bright, and never let it die. There are many who are in awful relationships and marriages that need to escape. Do not confuse trying harder to make your marriage work and an unhealthy relationship.

Check out the song Puppy Love by This Wild Life below, I love this song. What do you do to keep that spark going in your relationship/marriage to make sure you don’t get too comfortable? Let me know in the comments!

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