Laying Roots and Tips on Moving



    After living in our apartment for the last year we are deciding to move. We found somewhere that is $300 cheaper than where we currently live and is in a relatively decent area (primarily because our favorite Korean Barbeque place and in-n-out is right next to it). We are still right next to the strip, freeway, and stores so it is nice. However, I hate packing for a move. Thankfully we aren’t moving far and can do it gradually (we signed a contract while still in our other lease until September 1st) in multiple trips rather than have everything done in one go.

    Dylan and I have moved so many times in the last few years that I have grown accustomed to it. Something fun we like to do is take pictures of our move-in day in all of the places we live. This is going to be number 4 once we move and settle in. Dylan and I originally moved to Vegas for fun and some time for ourselves before we start a family. We didn’t think we were going to stay here, but I just got the position I have been working towards at work and Dylan is currently in the process for a huge position and well, plans change. This move is giving us the opportunity to save up so we can get the house we want in the area we want so we can finally lay some roots down!

    Having moved so many times, I have certain tips and tricks to help me have an easy transition from place to place: 

  1. I always start by taking everything off of the walls, it makes the apartment kind of depressing but it reminds me that I need to work on getting the rest of the apartment ready to go.
  2. The next thing to is to move everything that we don’t use on a regular basis or have in our storage area. I try to work room to room, cleaning as I go and getting rid of things that aren’t needed anymore. Since I do like to go room to room it makes the move-in process a little easier as well because everything from the one room came over together instead of scattered with other things. So I set rooms up as I take them down. When it comes to clothes I move them still on the hanger. I’m too lazy to take the hanger out only to put back in when we get to the new apartment. All of the clothes that are folded, I just throw into a trash bag and hope it doesn’t get too disorganized before I can take it out again.
  3. Now a lot of people do this, but there are some people I see that don’t and eventually get disorganized, can’t find what they packed, or even have things broken in the process just because of this one thing: packing everything neatly and like a puzzle. So many people just throw their stuff in their car or truck hoping it fits everything and it doesn’t get ruined. Make sure you take the time to stack everything that is heavy and full on the bottom like a puzzle and build from that foundation, that way you save yourself time and energy!

    As much as I hate moving, because of all the work and energy that has to go into it, I like it because I know it is a new adventure that is beginning. We won’t be in this new place for long so if you have any recommendations for our next move that might make it easier or more efficient I’m all ears!

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