Wedding Anniversary

A few days ago Dylan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. TWO YEARS!!! I still can’t get believe it’s already been a whole other year. This year for our anniversary we were apart, Dylan had some business to attend to in California. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes so we will be celebrating this week (Dylan knows the details, haha).

I’m so grateful that I get to be married to this man. My best friend, my greatest support, my #1 fan! Dylan came into my life when I was least expecting it. He was a friend of a friend (cliche much?), and we only started talking because I abruptly (and looking back now, a bit rudely) interrupted a conversation between the two of them. My roommates and I had started watching the Harry Potter series and one of my roommates wanted to date Dylan’s friend but didn’t quite have to courage to ask him to come to watch them with us, so I did it(I think we were on Prisoner of Azkaban).  

After feeling rude for interrupting their conversation and only inviting my friend, I told Dylan that he could come too. I really didn’t want him to come, I even told my friend to tell him it was canceled (but not really). However, he ended up showing up, and up until that point, Dylan was basically a stranger to me. Next thing you know, I couldn’t go a day without talking to him. We finished all the Harry Potter movies, then we started watching other movies (my roommate started dating his friend, so it was our little group the four of us). It was winter time so we were always inside avoiding the cold, playing games, joking and hanging out.

Eventually, Dylan asked me to make pupusas with him. It was the first time we were alone and honestly, it wasn’t awkward at all, it was actually really fun just us two! As more time went by, he asked me out to dinner (took him long enough), then we went on a few more dates. Then winter break came around and while I liked him, I didn’t know if everything would be the same when we came back to school for the winter semester seeing how we never really “defined the relationship”. Thankfully when we came back everything was the same and it only got better from there!

After dating for a while, meeting family (we literally went to Arizona and Texas and back to Idaho in a week in order to meet family), we eventually got engaged in May of 2016 and married August 19, 2016. I never expected the guy who got invited to the movie night by mistake to become the most important person in my life. He is my rock when I need a stable ground. He is supportive in every way, allowing me to pursue my dreams and goals even though it may put his on the backburner. Dylan is the sweet romantic that will surprise me at work with a treat or bring me home flowers just because he can. Being with him has opened my heart and eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, I now have dreams and goals that I never thought were in my plan (like getting married or wanting a family). I am so grateful for the past 2 years and look forward to what is in store in the years to come! 


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What are your love stories? Are you in the “defining the relationship” part of it? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing others stories and how they met their significant other!

One thought on “Wedding Anniversary

  1. That was such hey sweet and loving tribute to Dylan , famous last words of everybody, “ “ ILL NEVER” A Very wise person once said to me when I said “I’ll never “ famous last words never say never! Greatest love stories come when you least expected it! happy anniversary❤️


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