Birthday in Texas

A few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to go visit Texas for my beautiful mothers 50th birthday. Life has just been so busy since then that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write about it (or anything else for that matter, apologies). It was a quick trip, (literally arrived Saturday and left Sunday) but it was great to get to spend the weekend with her and on her special day!

Dylan and I flew out there late on a Friday night and after some complications with the airline, finally made it to Texas at 2 a.m! We spent all day Saturday preparing for the birthday party, from picking up the birthday cake, cooking, and decorating the house! Once evening came around, we were all set and the party started!

It started like most parties do, with FOOD! Everything from pollo, salchicha, carne, pico de gallo, salsa and more! After everyone was done enjoying food and talking to each other, my dad did what he does best, get up and start MCing the whole party. He began by sharing how he and my mom met and the love story over 25 years ago. After he shared his thoughts, he asked everyone there to share some thoughts or memories of my mother. It really was amazing to see how many lives my mother has impacted and inspired me to do the same! After everyone had shared their thoughts and ate some cake, the real fun started and karaoke became the popular activity of the night. The kids, however, decided they wanted to go swimming at midnight. They all just jumped in with their clothes on and enjoyed themselves. As for Dylan and I? Well, Dylan can talk to just about anyone. However, we are still in that awkward age stage where we are too old to hang out with the kids, but too young to really hang out with adults. Nonetheless, it was a great time!

On Sunday, we just spent the day relaxing and catching up. Like I said it was a short trip, but the whole point was to be there for my mom and make her feel special!

I know everyone always argues that their mom is the best, but I got to say that MY mom is the best! She is the most amazing woman I have ever met, a true Wonder Woman. I am so grateful to her for everything she has ever done for me. For dealing with me at my worst, for always supporting me in my goals, for picking me up when I am down. One of the lessons that she taught me as a child, that always comes to mind when I start to feel down or overwhelmed is “if crying fixed the problem, then let’s go get a group of people together to cry and solve the problem faster.” Every time I start feeling like the world is crashing down on me this comes to mind and it pushes me to work toward finding solutions and not get overwhelmed.  She is also the one who ignited my love for cooking, baking, and all things craft. She was the first to try teaching me to sew, although that usually ended in me getting stuck to the machine. She is a natural beauty, with the sweetest soul, and my best friend. I love you, mom!




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