Creating Family Traditions

Every family does their own thing depending on their needs. Right now as a family of 2 we have our own little traditions & routines that we have that make our family, our family. Here are a couple of big ones we always do:

  1. This is one of my favorite weekly traditions. Dylan knows just how much I love carne asada, and that’s how this tradition came to be. Every Sunday we have a little cookout. It’s a fun peaceful time where we spend time outside together, prepare food together and just enjoy each other’s company.
  2. My favorite yearly tradition is that every year on the anniversary of our engagement Dylan and I will go on a hike. Dylan proposed to me during a hike, so what better way to celebrate than by doing something we both love to do.

Some of our other traditions and routines include:

  • Planning out our month at the beginning of every month so that we know all major events and can plan for what dates/adventures we want to go on.
  • We have a weekly budget and create a meal plan on Saturday mornings, along with a shopping list for the trip to the store later in the day.
  • This is kinda basic but we have a date every Friday and then on Saturdays, we like to go on a little adventure (something outdoorsy).
  • Birthdays and anniversaries are a big deal and we try to make them as special as we can. Dylan goes all out every holiday for me (he compares himself to Ted from How I Met Your Mother).
  • We watch “The Book of Life” at least once every year. We like to think of it as our movie.

I believe traditions (and routines) are super important. It’s what creates a childhood for children, memories, growth for couples and families, and even some organization. We are still growing and developing our own traditions but it’s been fun to create these as we go. They will change and morph as our family grows with children or circumstances change. It’s been a lot of fun getting to make up our own or adjusting traditions to suit our family. 

What traditions do you have with your families or yourself (it doesn’t matter what month or time of year)? I’m always looking for new things for us to do and start as we grow our family and with Dylan!

7 thoughts on “Creating Family Traditions

  1. As you start traditions of your own, don’t lose the traditions that you both have grown up with, they might be completely different of one another’s That’s a good thing that’s where you learn compromise those are memories that are priceless, memories that bring a smile to your face and maybe some that you don’t want to have at all! But try and take those to fit your family’s and future children so good that you start them now because they are so important!

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